I95 Metro Baseball

90% Mental

As we approach the end of school baseball and the transition into the ultra competitive summer baseball tournament and showcase schedule we reflect on how to be in the right frame of mind.  Many coaches discuss mechanics, strength training and flexibility, which are all very important but the mental aspect is still the most important in baseball.  Players must focus on what THEY do well.  Players must focus on what THEY need to improve.  Most of all players must have the mental approach that all their work and their abilities will take them to the next level if they allow it to show.  Don’t go on the mound in the first inning and “feel” yourself out.  Don’t give that first at-bat away in the game to see what the pitcher has.  From the moment you walk into a complex or a stadium, it should be all about WHAT YOU are going to show to coaches.  Do not be scared off by the radar gun, embrace it.  Do not be nervous when 90 college coaches are watching you take batting practice at I95 Metro Baseball, think of what an incredible opportunity it is. 

This is YOUR time, this is YOUR stage and we are all behind you.  All the time, effort and sacrifice has led you to this moment to be GREAT

Let’s see it…