Who is running the event? Who is putting the event together?

The same staff from the very successful I95 Metro Baseball showcase series is back. The event is being put together by a collective group of  premier High School coaches and instructors from: Long Island, New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey.  Our mission is to have a showcase that would be a fit for every player interested in playing college baseball.  Too many showcases focus on just one segment of colleges (Local, State Schools, Small Schools, Big Schools, Ivy Schools).


Our showcase has multiple schools that is a fit for all student athletes.  All of our attending coaches are confirmed with written conformation multiple times.  Our event is being run by the staff and by a select group of coaches that will be helping out with our event.  You can find a confirmed list of colleges on the home page.  You will be provided all contact information at the event.


The event is by coaches and for coaches.  All of our drills, combine testing and even game play is tailored for YOU and for what college coaches want to see.


What time do I have to arrive?

We will be having two sessions.  8:30 AM and 12:45 PM.  WE will assign you a time based on positions and travel distance.  This will be provided 3 days prior.  We want to make the event as efficient and structured as possible.  Showcase will be over by 5:30 PM.


Are there local airports for this event?

Yes.  Our showcases are perfect for players and families flying in. Please see the following:

 John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

 LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

 Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN)

 Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

 Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)


Are there local hotels for this event?

Yes.  Here are a few below:


How many players at your showcase?  Are they split up?

YES. Our indoor event will be limited to 75 players per session!  There are two sessions.  AM and PM.  The AM will not start before 8AM and the PM will not end after 5:30pm.  Your specific time will be sent 3 days prior to the event. (Special consideration for traveling players).


We make sure each position has it's own "showcase spotlight".  Coaches are not distracted by anything else going on.


What time do I have to arrive for the I95 Metro Baseball indoor event?

You will be e-mailed full details 3 days prior to the event.


What will players be showcasing at the I95 Metro Baseball Fall Event?

• Infielders - Defensive Indoor Showcase, Batting Practice, Exit Velocity, Throwing Velocity, 60 Yd. Dash

• Outfielders - Defensive OF Showcase (With Flyballs), Batting Practice, Exit Velocity, Throwing Velocity, 60 Yd. Dash

• Catchers - Defensive Catcher Showcase, Batting Practice, Exit Velocity, Throwing Velocity, 60 Yd. Dash

• Pitchers - Full Bulpen, Throwing Velocity, 60 Yd. Dash

All will be videotaped!


Can parents watch?

Yes!  There is multiple viewing areas right outside the turf area.


What if my son is a two way player?

Great!  Players will showcase multiple positions (if applicable).


Does I-95 Metro Baseball Showcase provide anything after the event?

YES for our I95 Metro Baseball indoor event, each player will receive an individual college recruiting video.  This will be a link posted on our you-tube page and sent out by November 13.  This video is longer than our summer I95 Metro Baseball Stadium Series video.


We will be conducting multiple measuring stations and that data will be sent ONLY to college coaches.


Will I-95 Metro Select Showcase send this information to college coaches?

YES.  Every coach/school that attends, will have full access to the data sheet 7 days after the event and video page once uploaded (3 weeks after the event).  We feel it is important that are able to track the progress of each player each season and to have on file when they are recruiting.


Will my son or myself get to interact with college coaches?

Yes!  College coaches will be holding numerous talks with the players and will also have specific times to discuss topics with parents.  Our coaches are on the field the entire course of the event and will constantly be interacting with players.  We do want the coaches eyes focused on the players during the event.  At the showcase each player/parent will be provided a full list of colleges and college coaches contacts.


What if my son gets injured?

We will have a medical staff member.  Our staff also has members that are CPR certified and Concussion certified.  Any serious injury, an ambulance will be called.  There are no refunds for injuries at any time.


What type of bats should we use?

ALL players will use -3 BBCOR


Will pitchers only pitch?

No.  At our event if you are a two-way player you will showcase both of your skills.  If you are a pitcher only, you will only pitch (both days).


What if my son is a pitcher only?

Pitchers are always at a premium and always get heavily recruited.  We will make sure they are on full display.


Is there a pitcher only price?

No.  Pitchers are far and away the most sought after commodity in all of baseball and especially in front of college scouts.


Will players eat lunch?

No.  We will have two sessions (AM/PM) and we want to maximize our time on the field.


What does team represented mean? Do any schools back out?

The school will send their: head coach, assistant coach, pitching coach or recruiting coordinator. Most schools are sending their associate head coach, recruiting coordinators, assistant coach or pitching coach


The schools you see on our confirmed list have confirmed at least THREE times with us they will be at the event.   Sometimes there is rare case of a family emergency, where a school/coach can't make it or the fact a coach is no longer with the school.   Last year 95.3% of our coaches attended.


What should we do if interested in a certain school?

Our suggestion for you moving forward is to e-mail any and all schools that are confirmed to be at our event and let them know your interest. Let them know WHY you are interested in the school and what you can bring to the school, classroom and the baseball team.  Ask when are their upcoming camps are.  MAKE SURE to take your time and write proper e-mails.  This topic will be covered at our pre-camp meeting.


Does I95 Metro Baseball support any charity?

Yes. I-95 Metro Baseball is proud to partner with Go4theGoal® to help support kids who are battling cancer and their families.  Through our participation in Lace Up 4 Pediatric Cancer®, Go4theGoal® will be able to provide financial assistance, grant wishes, implement unique hospital programs and fund innovative research.  Thank you to each and every player for Lacing Up and making a difference!


What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds for any-reason.  This is agreed to upon sign-up.  Each player receives a personalized experience and can not be substituted for.  No credits, no transfers, no refunds.


Our event offers a customized experience, tailored to each players unique background, position, distance traveled.  Withdrawals within from the event significantly impact substantial portions of our shifts, positions, coaches packet and more.


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