I95 Metro Baseball

I95 Metro Baseball Stadium Series Fall Showcase Plus

Includes one day showcase, player profile page, player metrics, recruiting seminars.


1 Thunder Rd, Trenton, N.J. 

Sunday October 10, 2021

Do not miss your chance to be seen this Fall at the I95 Metro Baseball Stadium Series – Fall Showcase Plus! Did you know that this is the final day of the off-campus recruiting season? This date was selected by our college coaches. Whether you are a 2022/2023 graduate still looking for a home or an up and coming 2024-2025 prospect, you must get in front of the coaches now! Our event not only has you IN front of 50 NCAA coaches, but provides VERIFIED metrics to help their staff evaluate you in the off-season. October 10 is the FINAL day for D1 coaches to recruit off campus. This is your last chance to be seen until 2022.

Our one day Showcase Plus will include:

  • I95 verified skill metrics
  • Player Profile Page
  • Positional fielding evaluation
  • Live BP on stadium field
  • Explosive movements 60 yd. dash/vertical explosive jump, 5/10/5 change of direction & more.
  • Catcher pop time/ throwing velocity
  • Batter exit velocity
  • Bullpen sessions
  • College Coach Talks
  • Recruiting Seminar

ALL eyes on you – ONE field, all showcase positions seen by all coaches in one place. Not rotating, not throwing BP, not signing players in, recruiting, interacting and scouting you!

45+ colleges & 20+ D1 Colleges per event

Personalized Profile Page Includes all pertinent information for college coaches, individual metrics and profile page. A major recruiting tool.

One field – No player is missed when it is their time to “shine”. Our showcase games are all on one field where EVERY coach watches. All of our player skills are on one field (with one activity at a time) where EVERY coach watches. NO 2, 3, 4 field set-up. No coaches doing “dirty” work.

Coach Interaction – All coaches will be on field up close and personal with the players.

Verified Metrics – Numbers that coaches WANT to see and know are trusted and accurate. We provide to ALL coaches and players/parents to see where you stand and help you achieve your goals.

LIVE BP on field – Hit on the field with all coaches behind the backstop, not in tunnels underneath a complex.

Bullpens – Bullpen session with all 45+ coaches in attendance watching.

Recruiting Talks – Hear from some of the top college coaches in the country and also have time for Q&A sessions

Professional minor league stadium – Coaches want to see how players perform on a big stage and none is bigger than ours.

History – Over 325 players have gone on to play college baseball that have attended I95 Metro Baseball, including 107 D1 players.


“Go where the coaches are” – I95 Metro Baseball

The harsh reality is that only a small fraction of baseball players get recruited at team tournaments. Team tournament “showcase” games are too often spread out in large complexes containing up to six fields, spanning multiple days, and quite often in fact, separate venues all together across different cities/venues spreading the recruiting coordinators & assistant coaches very thin.

College coaches are not interested in your son’s HS or travel teams record, they are however specifically focused on evaluating individual skill sets that cannot always be evaluated in a team tournament or through stats.

Skills such as: Pitcher MPH and command, 60 yard running speed, Hitter exit velocity, Outfield arm strength/MPH/range, Infield arm strength/MPH/range, Catcher pop times & receiving.

We will provide the visibility of getting guaranteed multiple swings in BP to evaluate your son’s swing and potential, repeated ground and fly balls in the field to get a true evaluation. It is an individual evaluation process that requires visibility for your son. All of this while the coaches have IN THEIR HANDS all player individual player information (GPA, Grad Class, Ht/Wt, HS, Hometown & more). Last but not least, every player will receive an individual profile page & verified metrics from the event and that will be e-mailed out to all coaches, players and parents.

What guarantee or chance at all, do you have that your son will actually be seen by anywhere close to our coaches list?

I95 Metro Baseball changes that. One field. One stadium. One Focus.


  • October 10 is the FINAL day for D1 coaches to recruit off campus.
  • D1 coaches are certainly still in need of talented 2022 players. Did you know that starting September 1 they can speak with 2023 graduates AND are already looking at 2024 and 2025 graduates for their off-season recruiting list?
  • Our Summer events featured players from 45 states.
  • The I95 corridor has the most colleges that play baseball in the country and the most accessible roads and airports for our players and coaches.
  • Individual school camps (like the ones attending our events) can be between $400-$500 for just one school.

Confirmed Attending Colleges