I95 Metro Baseball

I95 Summer Event Recaps

This Summer was the best to date for I95 Metro Baseball. Our two events (combined) featured 480 players from 46 states and 4 countries. Held at Arm & Hammer Park (event 1) and Skylands Stadium (event 2) once again the stadiums brought out the best in the players. We had over 100 pitchers break 80 MPH! We had 8 pitchers touch 90 MPH! The BP display at both events was something to behold. Led by our hitters at Skylands Stadium, we had several players hit out and many players had rounds that had the coaches buzzing. When it was time to have “all eyes” on them, the catchers brought it! Blocking, framing and throw downs to 2B and 3B, they had every coach taking notes. Not to be done was the fact that we will have over 100 infielders/outfielders that will play college baseball from these two events. Diving plays, rocket arms, smooth actions and a physical presence put those players on the coaches radar. What stood out this Summer was our special “under-classmen” games. The 2024 and 2025 graduates were on another level! I had one power 5 coach say “Half these guys are D1 players, I can’t believe it!”. We are so proud of those boys coming on a big stage and dominating. The work of the I95 Metro Baseball staff and Arm & Hammer Park (Jon Bodnar) and Skylands Stadium (Justin Ferrenalla) made these two events happen, along with all the efforts of the players and parents. We would be remiss though if we didn’t mention the start of the show! Our incredible college coaches. 107 different college programs, 53 D1 programs attended this Summer. They got to the park at 7:30AM and didn’t leave till 7:15 PM and they loved every minute of it. Thank you to everyone who made this Summer the best I95 Metro Baseball Stadium Series Showcase to date. We can’t wait for our Fall event and to release our 2022 dates in December.

Keep it up boys!