I95 Metro Baseball

I-95 Metro Baseball Summer Showcase

Skylands Stadium

Home Of The Sussex County Miners

94 Championship Place, Augusta, NJ

AUGUST 10 - 11, 2021



P-5, C-4, 1B-3, 3B-3, MIF-5, OF-5



DAY 1 will be our evaluation/skill/metric day. Players will be assigned and put through a variety of positional specific testing metrics (infield, outfield, catcher, pitcher), as well as on the mound in bullpens in front of EVERY coach in attendance. All position players will take live batting practice on the stadium field in front of ALL coaches.

DAY 2 will be our game day, separated specifically by graduation classes. Each team will be coached by several college coaches and will compete in live game action, all on one of the top rated Professional Minor League Stadiums in the country. Our entire showcase will be held on ONE stadium field. Coaches will not be roaming around to other fields missing your game performance, your individual skill-sets, positional talents and overall athleticism which is a key scouting tool to assimilate to the next level. Players will be in the dugouts with coaches from: Duke, MIT, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Richmond, Virginia,, Penn St., Coastal Carolina and more.

***Individual player  profile page and performance metrics are provided to all players, parents, and coaches post events (INCLUDED in fee). ***

Each day several of our top college coaches in attendance will conduct informative talks with our parents and players to help provide recruiting rules and information along this recruiting journey. Programs Including: Duke, Vanderbilt, MIT, Coastal Carolina, Richmond, Johns Hopkins, Princeton and several others. I95 Metro Baseball Showcases is your complete ROADMAP TO COLLEGE BASEBALL! 


Integrity! Last year we were one of the ONLY events in the country to provide a full refund and postpone our events when our full complement of coaches were not able to attend. Our D1 coaches are a huge part of our events and we simply would not have the same experience for our players without them and we provided a FULL refund. 

College coach relationships! Our database of college programs is over 150 across the country. Last year when we had to make alternative plans, we hosted two combines for our coaches. We speak daily with our programs and have a deep connection.

ALL eyes on you – ONE field, all showcase positions seen by all coaches in one place. Not rotating, not throwing BP, not signing players in, recruiting, interacting and scouting you!

85+ colleges & 40+ D1 Colleges per eventTHE BEST coaching list in the country. Top academic schools, top 10 baseball programs, schools from 30 conferences, colleges from 15 states. Schools that include: Vanderbilt, Duke, North Carolina, Maryland, Princeton, UPenn, MIT, Johns Hopkins Coastal Carolina, Georgetown, Elon, George Washington, St. John’s, Villanova, Fordham, Dartmouth. ALL ON ONE field, ALL watching your son. 

Stadium Showcase Games – Each game on day two will be broken down by graduation classes, including a “SPECIAL UNDER-CLASSMEN” game. All games will be held with all coaches watching that single game.

Player profile page – Includes all pertinent information for college coaches, as well as metrics and profile page. A major recruiting tool.

One field – No player is missed when it is their time to “shine”. Our showcase games are all on one field where EVERY coach watches. All of our player skills are on one field (with one activity at a time) where EVERY coach watches. NO 2, 3, 4 field set-up. No coaches doing “dirty” work.

LIVE BP on field – Hit on the field with all coaches behind the backstop, not in tunnels underneath a complex.

Coach Interaction – All coaches will be on field up close and personal with the players. All players will be coached by several top colleges on day two.

Verified Metrics – Numbers that coaches WANT to see and know are trusted and accurate. We provide to ALL coaches and players/parents to see where you stand and help you achieve your goals.

Recruiting Talks – Hear from some of the top college coaches in the country and also have time for Q&A sessions

Professional minor league stadium – Coaches want to see how players perform on a big stage and none is bigger than ours.

History – Over 325 players have gone on to play college baseball that have attended I95 Metro Baseball, including 107 D1 players.


“Go where the coaches are” – I95 Metro Baseball

The harsh reality is that only a small fraction of baseball players get recruited at team tournaments in a NORMAL season. Team tournament “showcase” games are too often spread out in large complexes containing up to six fields, spanning multiple days, and quite often in fact, separate venues all together across different cities/venues spreading the recruiting coordinators & assistant coaches very thin.

College coaches are not interested in your son’s HS or travel teams record, they are however specifically focused on evaluating individual skill sets that cannot always be evaluated in a team tournament or through stats.

Skills such as: Pitcher MPH and command, 60 yard running speed, Hitter exit velocity, Outfield arm strength/MPH/range, Infield arm strength/MPH/range, Catcher pop times & receiving.

We will provide the visibility of getting guaranteed multiple swings in BP/Games to evaluate your son’s swing and potential, repeated ground and fly balls in the field to get a true evaluation. It is an individual evaluation process that requires visibility for your son. All of this while the coaches have IN THEIR HANDS all player individual player information (GPA, Grad Class, Ht/Wt, HS, Hometown & more). Last but not least, every player will receive an individual profile page from the event and that will be e-mailed out to all coaches, players and parents will also receive post event.

What guarantee or chance at all, do you have that your son will actually be seen by anywhere close to our coaches list of more than 80+/45+ D1 schools in one stadium to evaluate these skills? 

I95 Metro Baseball changes that. One field. One stadium. One Focus.


  • D1 coaches are already looking at 2024 and 2025 graduates and our “special” under-classmen game is centered around them.
  • In 2019, we had players from 44 states and 4 countries attend
  • We have the MOST D1 coaches attending in the country (camp/showcase) per event.
  • We have 22 different D1 conferences represented at our events.
  • The I95 corridor has the most colleges that play baseball in the country and the most accessible roads and airports for our players and coaches.
  • Individual school camps (like the ones attending our events) can be between $400-$500 for just one school.

Confirmed Attending Colleges