The I95 Metro Baseball Showcase program started in the summer of 2016. The purpose of the program then and now is the same. To have players TRULY be seen by a wide variety of colleges from all over the country in the best venues possible. We wanted players to know "where" they stand and to make sure they had a keepsake from the event (video) and tangible numbers (metrics) to work on.


We found there were events for high academic players. We found there were events for the division 3 player. We found events that provided video and metrics but no colleges. We even found some events (invite only) for the top division 1 type player.


We found there were NO events for players (and parents) un-sure of where they want to play their college baseball and we found there was NO events that featured all colleges in the same place, they were all segmented for certain "types" of student athletes. We wanted to be different.


We wanted the players to truly have the college/professional experience when they come to our event. We didn't want players moving from field to field, we didn't want anyone to get lost in the shuffle. We wanted 1 Stadium-1 Field - 1 Focus - You!


In 2016 we had one event with 125 players from six states. This past summer we had three events with 600 plus players from 40 plus states.


In 2016 we had 45 colleges attend, with 17 division 1 colleges. In 2019 we had 125 different colleges and 58 division 1 colleges attend.


We are thankful and proud that our mission statement from several years ago has come to fruition. We now have over 250 players playing college baseball from our previous seasons (93 Division 1) and our events nationally recognized by both coaches and players, featuring some of the most talented high school players in the country and the most desirable attending college coaches in the country. Thank you from the entire I95 Metro Baseball staff. We will see you on the field.


Feel Free To E-Mail us at: info@i95metrobaseball.com

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