I95 Metro Baseball

No coaches – No time to let up!

Are you feeling unmotivated?

Are you disappointed coaches can not see you in person until this Summer?

Have you already missed at least one high school season?

Granted this has been difficult on high school athletes but time is precious and the next 6 months will dictate the next 4-6+ years of your baseball career.

What are the answers?  What can you do?
We know the obvious, you can focus on your “baseball” skills such as: working on your mechanics, taking private lessons, throwing bullpens, rounds of batting practice.  That is important and should not be overlooked.  We also know how important you work in the class-room is to your future.  Did you know players with a 3.5 GPA or higher increase their chances of playing college baseball by 64%?

One topic not discussed in the “recruiting” circles that I95 Metro Baseball would suggest to work on would be your public speaking and how you interact with college coaches.  Once you hit the recruiting age (8th grade) coaches do not want to hear from players’ parents.  They want the conversations to be between student athlete and coach.  Sure, your parents will be involved and a great influence on you and should be consulted with on all major life choices, but the day to day, week to week and month to month conversations (emails, texts, calls, in person) should be player to coach.

College coaches spend more time with players than their families and they have to feel confident in not only a player’s ability on the field and in the classroom, but they have to trust their message is getting across and they have players that can speak to them as “young men”.
All the time in the cage, all the time on the mound is wasted if you can’t convey what you are looking for in a program, school and coach and visa versa.

We know how important getting bigger, stronger & faster is once players start their high school career, but just as important if not more is increasing flexibility.  Too many times players get bigger and stronger but also tighter, resulting in more injuries, more painful outings, more missed time.  Want to ensure that doesn’t happen?  If you spend 5-7 hours in the weight room a week, you need to spend 3-5 hours in a yoga class, preferably hot yoga.

We can not wait to see players back on the field with the stands packed with: fans, coaches and staff.  This summer will be your most important Summer ever, to ensure it is your best, do not waste this time.

~ I95 Metro Baseball