I95 Metro Baseball

Now what…

Players and parents from all over the country have waited for Spring 2021.  The question is, what is next?  Sure we can write about all the cliches and talk about what you “should” have been doing, but we can only move forward, so what is truly next?  This Spring will give players a chance to compete and get back a feel of the game.  They can see what they need to work on and start to truly look in the mirror and compare themselves to teammates and opponents.  What does it all mean for recruiting?  Well that is where baseball is such an interesting sport.  While constructed as a team game, in essence everything is about the individual and that is never more clear than in recruiting.  Do you know how many times a coach will ask what your teams record?  Do you know how many times a coach will ask how many travel teams have you played on?  Do you know how many times a coach will ask for your “stats”?  You guessed it, zero!  What matters is where you stand TODAY and what the coach feels you can BE in 1-4 years.  What matters?  GPA, tangibile numbers, coachability.  How come some players that throw 85 MPH are recruited at a D1 level and how come some are recruited at a D3 level?  Beyond the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are many other factors.  Does this player spin the ball well?  Does this player have movement (on purpose!) ?  Is this player throwing with max effort?  All of these factors come into recruiting.  Playing games is nice, playing on a winning team is a bonus, but when you come to showcase your skills, it is YOUR name, YOUR profile, YOUR info.  That is how it should be and that is why baseball is the best!

I95 Metro Baseball can’t wait to see players from all around the country this summer.