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Unfortunately, on September 15 the NCAA D1 council extended the recruiting "dead" period through December 31, 2020 for all NCAA D1 sports. This ruling and mandate means that NO Division 1 coach is permitted to recruit any current High School student-athlete and prospective collegiate players “ON or OFF campus” through the end of the year and many D2 & D3 coaches have told us internally from their school they will not be off-campus. The NCAA recruiting ban specifically includes: ALL camps, team tournaments, as well as team/individual showcases. Once again for 2020 there are NO D1 coaches ON or OFF campus (and many D2/D3) for recruiting.


Link to NCAA decision


There are many reasons why I95 Metro Baseball has become a top event, and there is no reason more important than our coaches and especially our D1 Coaches we always have in attendance.  Last year we had 88 colleges and 47 D1 per event.  We would only run our full two day showcase when we have a full complement of coaches to attend.  Asking players & parents for the same type of financial, travel and time commitment without D1 coaches isn't something we believe in.


I95 showcase events are committed more than ever to providing the highest ethics and standards to our families. I95 pledges to always provide the service and events that all of our families deserve. That is why we have spent countless hours discussing with coaches WHAT they want to see and how we can get players exposure.  As opposed to live streaming a showcase with just 15-20 colleges in attendance we have a great alternative.


Please check out our I95 Metro Baseball 5 Tool Metric Combine - A unique one day event to guarantee YOU to be seen by coaches of all levels.  A FULL profile package of metrics, data, videos & more which will all take place at Arm & Hammer Park.  All players info. will be sent directly to over 155 college coaches and over 130 college programs.  I95 has developed and forged trusted relationships with College programs and coaches from across the country. Coaches WILL view our reports and evaluations that we send on your behalf. We assure you that you will be seen by our coaches albeit in a different capacity due to these unprecedented times. Coaches genuinely NEED verified data and metrics for their recruiting evaluations, but from a trusted source like I95!   While the coaches can't see you in person, they will see you through our combine event.


I95 understands that this is an unprecedented time and extremely frustrating for all of our student-athletes. Do not give up on your dream in this difficult time, and most importantly do not not lose your commitment to improving your skill sets! I95 hopes we can assist you in helping guide you on your road map and achieve your dream to play college baseball at the next level, whether through our combine or 2021 events.




ALWAYS sign up with full confidence with I95 Metro Baseball and we will see you on October 17, 2020 at Arm & Hammer Park!



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