On behalf of myself, and/or the participant for whom I am completing registration, I acknowledge and agree that any requests for future credit or refund will be governed by the following policy, and that that policy shall govern in all such circumstances:


Rain Policy - Summer

Our events are RAIN or SHINE.


In the event of bad weather we will do everything in our power to have the players exposed to the coaches as much as possible including extending hours, using indoor space on one or both days. We know how important this is to you and your family and we recognize that.


Due to the fact of scheduling conflicts, we want to make sure each player is seen by the most coaches.


All expenses are paid in there entirety prior to the start of the showcase and there will be no refunds. Please be advised that I95 Metro baseball does not get reimbursed for field expenses, t-shirts, marketing packets or fees paid to College Coaches for travel. We will do everything in our power to complete as much of the showcase as possible. There are no refunds or credits for inclement weather.


Credit/Changing Events - Summer

  • All fees are NON-Refundable upon purchase (no exceptions).
  • There are significant upfront costs incurred by I95 Metro Baseball upon the registration and sign-up to our event.
  • Each player receives a personalized experience.  Upon sign-up the process begins with their personal package, that is also communicated to coaches.
  • Upon sign-up a fee is paid to the videographer and facility that is NON-refundable to us.



We care about our coaches and players well being. If for any reason due to the current health climate or a natural disaster (tornado, earthquake etc.) and an event is canceled, a FULL refund or credit will be issued within 14 days.  This is ONLY if an event is canceled due to events outside of I95 Metro Baseball control.  An event will NEVER be canceled due to weather, we will use indoor facilities and make adjustments in that case.  Sign-Up with confidence.


Changing Events

Any request to change events (Same year) for the same summer season must be processed in writing through e-mail at least 21 days prior to the event you purchased.  We begin setting line-ups, closing out positions and printing information for coaches.



Any requests for a future credit will be governed by the following policies in all circumstances:


  • Requests for a credit to a future I95 Metro Baseball Stadium Series Showcase must be submitted in writing to
  • Requests received AT LEAST thirty one (31) days before the start of the purchased event will receive a 50% credit of the purchasing price. This credit can be used towards a future I95 Metro Baseball Stadium Series Event(s) only.  This credit is valid for 1 year. (Not for any Fall events).
  • Requests received less than thirty one (31) days before the start of the purchased event will not be eligible for any credit towards a future showcase.


We offer a customized experience, tailored to each player's unique background, position(s), academic profile, and college interests.  We also have hundreds of dollars in up-front costs one month prior to each event.  Including materials, supplies, insurance, clothing, equipment and more.


Withdrawals less than a month away significantly impact our event.


There are no exceptions including: injuries, commitments, travel delays and any other reasons.


Transfers - Summer

There are NO transfers to: sibling, teammate, friends etc.




Feel Free To E-Mail us at:

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