OCTOBER 17, 2020 • OPEN TO 2021-2024 GRADUATES

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I95 has received unprecedented requests from players and families across the country to help provide certified player evaluations, exposure, and visibility for prospective collegiate student-athletes during this challenging time.  Our first combine was a HUGE success and the coaches have asked us to provide another opportunity at the end of Fall to help their off-season recruiting and build their lists.



 The recent ruling by the D1 council states that D1 coaches are unable to recruit in person through December 31, 2020, in addition MANY D2/D3 schools have internal bans on off-campus: showcase, tournaments and camps however, they do need to replenish their rosters and talent pipelines for future 2021-2024 recruiting classes and rosters.  College Coaches across the country have reached out to us and are committed to abiding by the recent NCAA regulations, all while also gaining access and visibility to the country’s top prospects in a different manner. Our relationships with over 65+ Division 1 and 100+ D2/D3 Colleges in total is something we greatly value... and is something YOU really need to benefit from as well.




  • I95 professional personalized recruiting video
  • Complete skills verified metrics
  • Rapsodo Pitcher velocity/spin data reports
  • Positional fielding evaluation
  • Live BP on stadium field
  • Catcher pop time/ throwing velocity
  • Batter exit velocity
  • Videod bullpen session
  • Player Profile Page with ALL players information in one location!


**In addition to the college coaches receiving your: video, metrics, data and evaluation, all players (and parents) will be sent the results as well. Players will receive an individual you-tube page with your video from the combine and all individual metrics and evaluations will be emailed directly to you.**



I95 will be sending ALL your information, personal recruiting video, evaluation, metrics, contact information, GPA and more  to our database of 165+ college coaches from 130 programs. College coaches receive countless emails per day from prospective players and parents across the country, and as we are sure you understand, Coaches would prefer to streamline their recruiting evaluations from a reputable and dependable source and relationship they trust like I95 Metro Baseball.  We run the event for THEM!


I95 has developed and forged trusted relationships with College programs and coaches from across the country. Coaches WILL view our reports and evaluations that we send on your behalf. We assure you that you will be seen by our coaches albeit in a different capacity due to these unprecedented times. Coaches genuinely do need verified data and metrics for their recruiting evaluations.but from a trusted source like I95!


Over 300 of our players have committed from our showcase events since 2015 and 94 of those players have committed to D1 colleges. The reality is that college coaches simply do not want to see a video clip of a pocket radar or a 60 yd. dash time performed by a friend or family member.


FOR YOU 2021-2022 GRADUATES -  Recruiting will not be stopping because of the current health climate.  In fact more than ever coaches want to make sure their next few incoming classes are as strong as they have ever been.  The landscape in college baseball has changed and teams need more players, more depth and more talent to take their program to the next level.  For you 2021 and 2022 players, this is your lifeline.  Coaches WILL see an independent review of your talents from a trusted source.  Recruiting for all schools, including D1 will not be stopping due to the lack of off-campus and on-campus recruiting all summer/Fall.  Come show them your progress, come show them your "film", come show them your hard work in the class-room.  THEY will be able to see you through our combine.


FOR YOU 2023-2024 GRADUATES -  Are you aware that all schools right now are creating "watch" and "follow" lists?  These schools want to and NEED to see players data/metrics from a trusted source, they need to see professional video.  Our combine will provide coaches an early look at players, especially the D1 programs who can not see you live this summer.  Coaches trust our professional videographer, structure, combine setting and evaluation.  They will look to us heavily to provide them with their list of players to recruit for their upcoming recruiting classes.  Come show them your progress, come show them your "film", let them see your hard work in the class-room.   Get on their radar now when they start their off-season recruiting list in October!


Your INDIVIDUAL: video, performance data, metrics and evaluation will be packaged and certified by I95 Metro Baseball and sent to our 130 college program database.

Please note that due to the NCAA recruiting ban, no coaches will be in direct attendance.  They will be receiving your: personal video, verified metrics, data, contact information & evaluation through I95 Metro Baseball!


Feel Free To E-Mail us at: info@i95metrobaseball.com

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