Why Choose Us

  • Full Personal Recruiting Video with multiple angles.
  • Detailed information packet provided upon sign-in. Coaches contact information, contact info., itinerary and more.
  • 44 College Coaches - 24 Division 1 Coaches
  • Venue - Sportika is a world-class venue, the largest in the tri-state area at approximately 170,000 sq. ft. They offer state-of-the-art sports facilities, including one of the largest indoor turf fields in the country.  Fully equipped with batting cages, pitching tunnels and turf space, we are able to run the premier indoor event in the country.  Major airports near Manalapan, NJ (Newark, JFK, Laguardia, Philadelphia)
  • Weather - NO weather concerns.  Our indoor venue will ensure full showcase.
  • Decision Makers - Over 25 Head Coach or Recruiting Coordinators.
  • Metrics - All metrics from the event will be sent to all players, parents & coaches.  Valuable and verified information.
  • Timing - The exact date our college coaches asked us to hold the event. After their fall season and before they meet with their staff to see where they stand recruiting. FINAL day for D1 coaches to see players off-campus.
  • Fewer Players - A chance to be seen in a more private setting with 50% fewer players than our summer events.
  • Proven track record - 255+ committed players from our last two seasons, including 91 Division 1 commits.
  • Speeches from NCAA coaches on: how to be a successful student-athlete, recruiting, balancing and much more.
  • Line-up for this year: Two Shifts each day for more personalized focus from our college and MLB scouts.


2020-2023 graduates THIS is the event to be seen.


Do you know this is the FINAL day for D1 coaches to recruit and see players off campus?


DO NOT let a Fall baseball game or tournament game be the reason you miss this event.  The coaches want to see you and want to see you here as they end their off campus recruiting season.



255+ committed players from our events over the past three seasons.


Did you attend an I95 showcase and want to show coaches one more time your skill set?   Did you have an injury over the summer?  Were you disappointed with the coaches attending your tournaments? Did you have a date conflict with I95 showcases over the summer?  Do you want one more chance to be seen by JUCO-D1 coaches before national letters of intent signings begin?  Did you improve over the last several months and now want to be seen?   Do you want a video you can share with ALL coaches?


We have over 40 colleges attending our event and 24 D1 programs.  Each and every year there are players that were unable to attend during the summer for a myriad of reasons.  Whether it was: date conflict, injury, travel concerns or others.  Our one day Fall event allows that opportunity.  College coaches specifically asked us to host one of these events after the Fall season ON THIS DATE.


College List:

Whether you are a player are seeking an opportunity at a Division I school such as: Duke University, Coastal Carolina, St. John's, Villanova, James Madison or looking at a D2 powerhouse such as: West Chester, St. Thomas Aquinas  or are seeking a home at strong Academic Division III program like Swarthmore or Trinity,  we are your road map!  FULL list on our home-page.


The I95 Metro Baseball Fall event is the top event in the country in October.




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