I95 Metro Baseball

Why Choose I-95

The I95 Metro Baseball Stadium Series showcases are the premier events for high school players looking to be seen by the most impressive school list in the country. Each of our events will feature 70+ NCAA college coaches and 35+ Division 1 coaches (most of any showcase).

When we say ALL eyes are on you, we mean it.  Our event is held on one field, in one stadium, with one focus – YOU.  Coaches are not rotating on different fields or throwing batting practice and hitting fungos.  They are attending our showcase to see YOU.  They are attending our showcase to recruit you, to watch your actions, to see VERIFIED metrics and to have YOUR information in their hands.

When we say the best college baseball showcase in the country, we mean it. Our players receive: 2 Day Registration (Skill Day/Game Day), Individual Player Profile Page, Verified Player Metrics (Sent to parents, players & coaches). and several recruiting talks ALL included in our registration fee. Coaches want to see how players perform on a big stage and what better way to do that then in a professional stadium?


70+ Colleges & 35+ D1 Colleges Per Event – THE BEST coaching list in the country. NOT JUST NORTHEAST SCHOOLS.Top academic schools, multiple top 10 baseball programs, D1, D2, D3 National Championship programs within the last 5 years, schools from 20 conferences and colleges from 15+ states. Schools that include: Vanderbilt, Duke, Notre Dame, Coastal Carolina, Florida St. University, Wake Forest, University Of Virginia, Georgetown University, Penn St. University, Maryland University, Virginia Tech University, James Madison University, Villanova University, VCU, West Virginia University St. John’s University,, Wingate, Salisbury and many others. ALL ON ONE field, ALL watching your son.

Champions – The only event in the country that will feature MULTIPLE champions from the D1, D2, D3 level all within the last five seasons! Vanderbilt University (19), University Of Virginia (15), Coastal Carolina University (16), Wingate University (21), West Chester University (17), Chapman University (20) & Salisbury University (21). Come be seen by the best, so you can play for the best!

Format & Structure – Our events are run like no other. I-95 Metro Baseball Showcase is the only event with this volume and quality of schools that will be hosted on ONE field (no player missed!) Our focus on what the college coaches want to see is what sets us apart. Each player is seen by ALL coaches in attendance. All activities take place on one field, with all eyes on you. Coaches have players’ full information in their hand and the I95 Metro Baseball staff makes sure to make it clear who is being showcased. When other events have more than one field how do you know who is watching your son? While other events sell coaches “on field”, do you realize they are throwing BP, hitting fungos or writing down 60 yard dash times? How are those coaches taking notes and scouting? Our interaction is real and our games are coached by college coaches, but run by our staff, so they can follow every player. Our event is for players to BE RECRUITED AND SEEN! Our STAFF runs the event so coaches are free to: walk around, interact, scout, take notes, talk to players & teach.  There is NO better showcase at delivering that promise than I95 Metro baseball!

One Field – No player is missed when it is their time to “shine”. Our showcase games are all on one field where EVERY coach watches. All of our player skills are on one field (with one activity at a time) where EVERY coach watches. NO 2, 3, 4 field set-up. No coaches doing “dirty” work.

ALL Eyes On You – ONE field, all showcase positions seen by all coaches in one place. Not rotating, not throwing BP, not signing players in, recruiting, interacting and scouting you!

Professional Minor League Stadium & Location – Coaches want to see how players perform on a big stage and none is bigger than ours. Coaches say if a player can perform at I95, they can perform for us! Major airports and major hotels all within 30 miles. All locations are just minutes off the highway. Over 100 NCAA college baseball programs within 90 miles of our events. That includes the entire Ivy League.

Stadium Showcase Games – Each game on day two will be broken down by graduation classes, including a “SPECIAL UNDER-CLASSMEN” game. It is not too early to be seen by the top D1 schools. All games will be held with ALL coaches watching that single game. Each team will have 3 college coaches in the dugouts. NO player will play against anyone more than one graduation year apart!

National Talent – We have top college coaches from ALL across the country for two main reasons: 1) Our relationship and history with coaches. 2) Our NATIONAL talent. Coaches WANT to see a high volume of players. Coaches WANT to see a high number of talented players from all regions. Coaches WANT to see players from multiple graduation classes. Our showcase is a TRUE representation of the recruiting landscape. Click here to see where our players have committed to!

Timing – After consulting with 100 college programs across the country, this was one of the top dates requested.

LIVE BP on Field – Hit on the field with all coaches behind the backstop, not in tunnels underneath a complex.

Coach Connection – All coaches will be on field up close and personal with the players. All players will be coached by several top colleges on day two. Our coaches do not sit in a press box or spend their time “conducting” drills.

Verified Metrics – Numbers that coaches WANT to see and know are trusted and accurate. We provide to ALL coaches and players/parents to see where you stand and help you achieve your goals.

Player profile page – Includes all pertinent information for college coaches, as well as metrics and profile page. A major recruiting tool.

Recruiting Talks/Recruiting Seminar – Hear from some of the top college coaches in the country and also have time for Q&A sessions. Listen to a pre-camp recruiting seminar that covers all topics and gives an HONEST breakdown of the process.

History – Over 455 players have gone on to play college baseball that have attended I95 Metro Baseball, including 150+ D1 players.

Location – Our events are held in the Northeast for several specific reasons:

  • Did you know that there are over 175 colleges & 50 D1 that play baseball within only 120 miles of our events?
  • Did you know that 15 of the top rated 25 academic colleges in the country are within 150 miles of our events?
  • Did you know in the past three years we have had players from 49 states and 4 countries? An event like this, with the schools we have can ONLY be held in the I95-Corridor. This is worth your time and travel. THIS is your unique opportunity and time to be seen with just ONE trip.
  • Did you know that there are four major airports within only 40 miles of our locations?

Entering our sixth season, we now have over 400 committed players and 125 Division 1 players. Listed below are just a FEW schools where our players have committed to:

• Brown University
• Bucknell University
• Campbell University
• Coastal Carolina University
• College of Holy Cross
• College of William & Mary
• Columbia University
• Coppin St. University
• Dartmouth University
• Duke University
• East Tennessee St. University
• Elon University
• Fairleigh Dickinson University
• Fairfield University
• Fordham University
• George Mason University
• Georgetown University
• Georgia Tech University
• Harvard University
• High Point University
• Hofstra University
• Houston University
• Iona College
• James Madison University
• Johns Hopkins University
• Lehigh University
• Liberty University
• LIU University
• Longwood University
• Marist College
• NJIT University
• Northeastern University
• Notre Dame University
• NYU University
• Old Dominion University
• Penn St. University
• Pepperdine University
• Princeton University
• Purdue University
• Rutgers University
• Saint Joseph’s University
• Saint Peter’s University
• Salisbury University
• Santa Clara University
• Seton Hall University
• Siena College
• St. John’s University
• Stony Brook University
• SUNY Albany
• Texas Tech University
• Towson University
• Tulane University
• University of Delaware
• University of Georgia
• University Of Maryland
• University of Miami
• Univ. of North Carolina Central
• University of Pittsburgh
• University of Richmond
• University of South Florida
• Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
• Wagner University
• Wichita St. University
• Yale University
• and many more…

“Go where the coaches are” – I-95 Metro Baseball

WE KNOW you have your summer baseball season and tournaments, but this is about YOUR future. These dates were selected after we spoke with 70+ colleges across the country. This is the ONLY time to be seen for two days with this volume and quality of coaches. Do not let a summer ball game get in the way of your future at the next level.

Less and less college coaches are attending tournaments as a result of: spread out fields, over enrollment of teams, lack of talent, lack of player information.

The harsh reality is that only a small fraction of baseball players get recruited at team tournaments. Team tournament “showcase” games are too often spread out in large complexes containing up to six fields, spanning multiple days, and quite often in fact, separate venues all together across different cities/venues spreading the recruiting coordinators & assistant coaches very thin.

College coaches are not interested in your son’s HS or travel teams record, they are however specifically focused on evaluating individual skill sets that cannot always be evaluated in a team tournament or through stats.

Skills such as: Pitcher MPH and command, 60 yard running speed, Hitter exit velocity, Outfield arm strength/MPH/range, Infield arm strength/MPH/range, Catcher pop times & receiving.

We will provide the visibility of getting guaranteed multiple swings in BP/Games to evaluate your son’s swing and potential, repeated ground and fly balls in the field to get a true evaluation. It is an individual evaluation process that requires visibility for your son. All of this while the coaches have IN THEIR HANDS all player individual player information (GPA, Grad Class, Ht/Wt, HS, Hometown & more). Last but not least, every player will receive an individual profile page from the event and that will be e-mailed out to all coaches, players and parents will also receive this information.

What guarantee or chance at all, do you have that your son will actually be seen by anywhere close to our coaches list of more than 80+/40+ D1 schools in one stadium to evaluate these skills?

I95 Metro Baseball changes that.

One field. One stadium. One Focus.