“Go where the coaches are” – I95 Metro Baseball

We Know...

…you have your summer baseball season and tournaments, but this is about YOUR future. These dates were selected after we spoke with 80 colleges across the country. This is the ONLY time to be seen for two days with this volume and quality of coaches. Do not let a summer ball game get in the way of your future at the next level.

Less and less college coaches are attending tournaments as a result of: spread out fields, over enrollment of teams, lack of talent, lack of player information. Plus, what are the odds that IF (a big if) schools are there to watch him play for a few innings that he: gets a ground ball, gets a flyball, attempts a steal, has a chance to pitch? The odds are SLIM TO NONE that a coach can see his skill set in a tournament game. I95 Metro Baseball changes that with SKILL DAY.

Did You Know

Those top tournaments have a college commit percentage of – 5% and I95 Metro Baseball has a college commit percentage of – 30%!

The harsh reality is that only a small fraction of baseball players get recruited at team tournaments. Team tournament “showcase” games are too often spread out in large complexes containing up to six fields, spanning multiple days, and quite often in fact, separate venues all together across different cities/venues spreading the recruiting coordinators & assistant coaches very thin.

College coaches are not interested in your son’s HS or travel teams record, they are however specifically focused on evaluating individual skill sets that cannot always be evaluated in a team tournament or through stats. Recruiting is about the INDIVIDUAL, not the team.

Skills such as: Pitcher MPH and command, 60 yard running speed, Hitter exit velocity, Outfield arm strength/MPH/range, Infield arm strength/MPH/range, Catcher pop times & receiving.

We will provide the visibility of getting guaranteed multiple swings in BP/Games to evaluate your son’s swing and potential, repeated ground and fly balls in the field to get a true evaluation. It is an individual evaluation process that requires visibility for your son. All of this while the coaches have IN THEIR HANDS all player individual player information (GPA, Grad Class, Ht/Wt, HS, Hometown & more). Last but not least, every player will receive an individual profile page from the event and that will be e-mailed out to all coaches, players and parents will also receive this information.

What guarantee or chance at all, do you have that your son will actually be seen by anywhere close to our coaches list of more than 70+/40+ D1 schools in one stadium to evaluate these skills?

I95 Metro Baseball changes that. One field. One stadium. One Focus.